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The Right Attorney for Employment Issues

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with the representation I received from Mr. Hennessy. Following a referral, I contacted Mr. Hennessy concerning an issue that had been going on between my former employer and me for several months. I'd earlier secured representation through another attorney, who hadn't been able to resolve the issue. In all fairness, she was not an employment specialist. Mr. Hennessy is, and it shows. I originally contacted him via email. He responded quickly, asked a few questions, and fit me into his schedule just a few days later. The office visit was great. Mr. Hennessy asked questions and listened to everything I had to say, approaching my problem with concern, intelligence, and rock-steady composure. After asking follow-up questions and reviewing pertinent documents, he explained his thoughts and the path he would take toward resolution. I left feeling the best I'd felt in months. Now, a week and a half later, my problem -- which, again, had been going on for months -- is resolved. Mr. Hennessy not only handled the problem quickly and expertly; he stayed in touch throughout the process, answering all my questions, facilitating my actions, and bringing me a considerable measure of peace when I most needed it. If you have any employment issue, contact Mr. Hennessy. He is professional, compassionate, responsive, and obviously experienced, intelligent, and confident.


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