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A terrific attorney for employment conflicts/issues

I have been so very pleased with Mr. Brendan Hennessy's representation of my case. I was referred to Brendan by a business friend of my husband's. At the time, I was seeking an attorney who could assist me with compensation following the elimination of my position with a company with whom I had worked for over a decade. My initial meeting with Brendan was relaxed and straightforward. After carefully listening to my case and reviewing the facts, he explained next steps. At no time did I feel rushed or under any pressure. The relaxed atmosphere he created was comforting and removed any degree of stress on my part.

As the case progressed, Brendan kept me informed and was easy to reach at any given time. At one significant juncture, Brendan spoke with me at length about a choice I would need to make that would determine if and how the case would move forward. His thorough explanation gave me confidence in making a decision that ultimately affected the outcome of the case. His patience, knowledge and professionalism at each step of the way, helped me maintain a sense of calm and hope.

The fact that opposing counsel was part of a large firm did not in the least intimidate Brendan. He more than rose to the occasion and was highly successful in bringing the case to an excellent conclusion. I highly recommend Mr. Brendan Hennessy to anyone who is faced with a serious employer conflict. You will not be disappointed.


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