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Employment Contracts & Severance

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The beginning of employment marks the start of a working and legal relationship.  Employment relationships are regulated by law and sometimes by contract.  While formal contracts are not usually presented to entry-level employees, executives and employees with significant experience or revenue-producing potential often have more leverage to negotiate favorable contracts.  Such employees should enlist counsel to assist in negotiating these contracts.  There are certain contract provisions, including non-compete clauses, which employees need employment counsel to review their rights and responsibilities and/or to negotiate more favorable terms. 


The end of an employment relationship likewise implicates critical legal and/or financial concerns for employees of all levels, especially employees who have significant tenure in an organization.  Certain aspects of severance are often subject to negotiation and employees should contact counsel in this regard.  Further, counsel should assess whether you have any claims or leverage for further negotiation of the severance amount.

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Brendan Hennessy, Esquire performs reasonably priced consultations on employment contracts, severance contracts, and non-compete agreements.  Brendan has represented hundreds of employees in these situations and can help you navigate through the issues particular to your circumstances. 

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If you need assistance with employment contracts and severence, contact Hennessy Law.

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