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Race Discrimination

The Firm has handled numerous race cases and can provide representation if you feel discriminated against on this basis. 

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Race Discrimination Claims

Race discrimination arises when an employer mistreats an employee on the basis of race, color, or national origin.  Employers must not discriminate on this basis.  This means that an employer cannot terminate employment or refuse to hire or promote an individual on the basis of race.  It also means that an employer cannot harass an individual on the basis of race.  Harassment can be in the form of derogatory race-based jokes which are severe or pervasive.  Race and national origin discrimination can be based upon any race whether it is African American, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Asian or another race or specific national origin.

Common race claims arise when an individual is replaced by someone outside of their protected racial class without a legitimate reason or if race-based comments or slurs are made during employment. 

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Contact Hennessy Law for race discrimination claims.

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