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Dynamic Duo !!

Brendan and Kay approached our very complicated and challenging case with diligence , compassion and pragmatism. We had a very favorable outcome. We would recommend them without reservation.


Outstanding legal advice!

Mr Hennessy was simply excellent. He provided outstanding legal advice. I spoke to him about my issue with a nanny agency sending me a false bill, and in less than an hour he found a provision and legal precedent that showed their perpetual term to be invalid. He drafted a letter (on a Friday night) and responded to several emails and his rates are very reasonable. (They should be higher!) I cannot recommend him more!


The Right Attorney for Employment Issues

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with the representation I received from Mr. Hennessy. Following a referral, I contacted Mr. Hennessy concerning an issue that had been going on between my former employer and me for several months. I'd earlier secured representation through another attorney, who hadn't been able to resolve the issue. In all fairness, she was not an employment specialist. Mr. Hennessy is, and it shows. I originally contacted him via email. He responded quickly, asked a few questions, and fit me into his schedule just a few days later. The office visit was great. Mr. Hennessy asked questions and listened to everything I had to say, approaching my problem with concern, intelligence, and rock-steady composure. After asking follow-up questions and reviewing pertinent documents, he explained his thoughts and the path he would take toward resolution. I left feeling the best I'd felt in months. Now, a week and a half later, my problem -- which, again, had been going on for months -- is resolved. Mr. Hennessy not only handled the problem quickly and expertly; he stayed in touch throughout the process, answering all my questions, facilitating my actions, and bringing me a considerable measure of peace when I most needed it. If you have any employment issue, contact Mr. Hennessy. He is professional, compassionate, responsive, and obviously experienced, intelligent, and confident.


Great employment-focused attorney!

Brendan was recommended to me by a friend, and I could not have been more pleased with the way in which my case, involving employment termination, was handled. He kept me informed of his progress, and helped me reach a satisfactory settlement. I would recommend Brendan wholeheartedly as representation for any employment dispute.


Exceeded my expectations

Look no further than Brendan Hennessy for your employment concerns. He not only really listens, he shows his concern every step of the way keeping you involved. Giving
You peace of mind knowing you have a experienced professional that is willing to go the extra mile for you. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.


Highly recommended Attorney!

I would highly recommend Brendan Hennessy if you are looking for a caring, honest, compassionate, and precise attorney who will fight hard for you. Brendan went over and above to help me in my time of need. He was very personable and empathetic and spent many hours researching and investigating my employment separation case. If it weren’t for Brendan’s compassion and conviction I don’t believe I would have had the same favorable outcome.
I would not hesitate to hire him again or recommend him to my family and friends for any future legal matter. Thank you Brendan!


Brendan Hennessy - Labor Law Expert

Brendan Hennessy recently tried a case for me in Chester County and won full damages plus attorneys fees. Brendan's command of the law and courtroom presence made it a slam dunk!

Brian, Chester County Electric


Best money ever spent

Brendan was so sharp and knowledgeable. He picked up on several points during our consultation that ultimately lead to representing me in my favor and avoiding litigation in court. He was also actually fun to talk to. I would highly recommend his services.


The perfect lawyer to hire for employment issues

I hired Brendan through a referral from another lawyer after explaining why I thought I was terminated wrongfully. During our initial meeting, I left feeling that he was the lawyer that I wanted to represent me. He was caring, a great listener, extremely knowlegable, and honest. He handled the mediaiton process extremely professionally, worked hard to resolve my case and I always felt that he was acting in my best interest. I would highly recommend Brendan to anyone that is having employment issues. He is an excellent lawyer, extremely versed in his speciality, honest, and confident!!


Brendan is thorough in his research

Brendan took on a difficult case for me. He and his staff were thorough in their research, which resulted in a mutually agreed upon settlement. His help was greatly appreciated.


I can't say enough good things about Brendan........

Brendan assisted me in relation to a matter where I already hired another attorney. He provided great advice and I wished I hired him from the beginning. He helped bring the matter to a successful conclusion. He has integrity, compassion, knowledge of the litigation process, and excellent communication skills.


A terrific attorney for employment conflicts/issues

I have been so very pleased with Mr. Brendan Hennessy's representation of my case. I was referred to Brendan by a business friend of my husband's. At the time, I was seeking an attorney who could assist me with compensation following the elimination of my position with a company with whom I had worked for over a decade. My initial meeting with Brendan was relaxed and straightforward. After carefully listening to my case and reviewing the facts, he explained next steps. At no time did I feel rushed or under any pressure. The relaxed atmosphere he created was comforting and removed any degree of stress on my part. 
As the case progressed, Brendan kept me informed and was easy to reach at any given time. At one significant juncture, Brendan spoke with me at length about a choice I would need to make that would determine if and how the case would move forward. His thorough explanation gave me confidence in making a decision that ultimately affected the outcome of the case. His patience, knowledge and professionalism at each step of the way, helped me maintain a sense of calm and hope. 
The fact that opposing counsel was part of a large firm did not in the least intimidate Brendan. He more than rose to the occasion and was highly successful in bringing the case to an excellent conclusion. I highly recommend Mr. Brendan Hennessy to anyone who is faced with a serious employer conflict. You will not be disappointed.


Responsive, Strategic, and Results Driven

I reached out to Mr. Hennessey regarding an employment issue I had called four other lawyers (using online directory - as I had no one to refer me) and he's the ONLY one that took my call. Out of the others, three never even followed up on my initial message, and the fourth only had the assistant take the reason for my calling and got back to me a month later. Upon meeting Brendan, he was able to look through the various details of my employment situation and see that while it wasn't a black and white case, it had merit. My situation was particularly challenging, but Brendan proceeded with a plan that showed his knowledge and experience in employment law. From the beginning, he was clear about the steps we would take, and what that would mean for me. He worked with me to present the stronger points of my case precisely and effectively in such a way that it dispelled the misrepresented facts the opposition was using against us. In the end, due to his methodical, effective approach, he was able to negotiate a resolution that was in my best interest. I am very happy that I was able to find and hire him to handle my case. I would highly recommend him.


David n Golaeth

Brendan recently came to a mutual benefit settlement that worked out in my favor. He took on a giant of a company and battled them through court hearings and winning. He and his staff worked hard when the company appealed the decision and ultimately won the settlement for me and follow co workers. I would highly recommend him and will definitely use him in the future if needed. By the way the case went on for 3 years and he never gave up...


Intelligent and Caring Lawyer!

I highly recommend Brendan. He treated me with respect and was always available for answering questions and giving advice and direction. He is a highly capable and learned lawyer - his input was always valuable and intuitive. Brendan made all our legal dealings very positive!


A great choice!

I hired Mr. Hennessy for my case and I was very satisfied with the results. He is very professional and attentive. Everything worked out really great, he really knows what he is doing. He is very smart and will fight to make sure you get what you deserve. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!


Truly committed to helping people

I was referred to Mr. Hennessy by another attorney who highly recommended him to assist with my case. From the first day he was understanding, honest, and compassionate about my needs. Throughout the process I felt supported, up to date, and that he was always available no matter what questions I had. Mr. Hennessy was easy to work with and was able to resolve my situation relatively quickly while protecting my best interest.


Effective Attorney, successful where others wouldn't even try

I came to Brendan with a highly unconventional case, where I was contesting the results of a drug test with my future employer (and a rescinded offer). Other attorneys may have turned this case down (and in fact did) due to it's potential difficulty. Brendan took the time to analyze my situation carefully, asked insightful questions, and became my lawyer. His team moved quickly and after I personally slogged for several weeks with the employer, Brendan compelled them to retest me in a matter of days. This is a testament to his deep knowledge of labor law. From our first consult Brendan was able to propose an effective plan of attack, which he also clearly articulated to me. Through it all, I felt Brendan went the extra mile to both research and understand my situation. My case was a complete success and my offer was promptly reinstated. 

Should I have any future labor-related concerns I would confidently turn to Brendan's office first.


Excellent choice for quality and reasonably priced legal representation in PA

I had the unfortunate pleasure of working with Brendan on a legal matter involving a former employer attempting to enforce a non compete and non solicitation agreement that was only obtained by a promise of stock options that were then never delivered. On top of that, I live and always worked for this employer on the west coast, but they brought this action in Pennsylvania, almost 3,000 miles away. Fortunately I found Brendan amongst a large group of possible attorneys in the PA area with a large range of pricing. One attorney wanted $100,000 just to look at the case. Needless to say I ended up retaining Brendan and was very happy with my choice. Brendan proved himself to be very knowledgeable regarding employment law and just that alone saved me money in research and other unnecessary costs that I would have most likely ended up paying if I had hired another attorney/firm. Brendan made certain I was kept informed every step of the way and worked on my behalf at all hours of the day and night and even while on a family vacation was making calls to me and to opposing counsel. I would recommend Brendan without hesitation to anyone needing professional and compassionate legal representation.


Forever Grateful...

I have been a client of Brendan Hennessy for over 4 years. I was fortunate to meet him while he was working with another law firm. I followed him to the start of his private practice because he was compassionate, responsive, and sincere. I was extremely stressed due to the years of unlawful treatment by my employer. Brendan consistently responded quickly to my concerns with great advice that reassured and calmed me. He is a diligent, intelligent, and tenacious attorney. As promised, he remained on top of the case from beginning to end. When the time came for a settlement conference, he demonstrated that he is a fierce advocate for his client. Brendan was very effective when interacting with the judge and my employer's attorney as evidenced by the outstanding results he secured for me. Brendan Hennessy is trustworthy, knowledgeable and, in my opinion, the "Go-To" attorney for employment law cases.


Mediation Advice

Attorney Hennessy provided me with a great piece of advice that I was able to utilized at my mediation meeting;I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a professional, honest attorney.


A Caring and Trustworthy Attorney

I was involved in a situation where a previous employer brought legal action against me. Given the specific time in my life and the potential unlimited financial resources of the employer this could have been devastating. Besides being a fantastic attorney, Mr. Hennessy is also a compassionate and thoughtful person who brought resolve to the situation. Mr. Hennessy treated my family and me with kindness and respect throughout the legal process. Any legal action that involves an employer always brings great emotion and Mr. Hennessy understands the people side of law. I would recommend Mr. Hennessy to anyone!


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