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Responsive, Strategic, and Results Driven

I reached out to Mr. Hennessey regarding an employment issue I had called four other lawyers (using online directory - as I had no one to refer me) and he's the ONLY one that took my call. Out of the others, three never even followed up on my initial message, and the fourth only had the assistant take the reason for my calling and got back to me a month later. Upon meeting Brendan, he was able to look through the various details of my employment situation and see that while it wasn't a black and white case, it had merit. My situation was particularly challenging, but Brendan proceeded with a plan that showed his knowledge and experience in employment law. From the beginning, he was clear about the steps we would take, and what that would mean for me. He worked with me to present the stronger points of my case precisely and effectively in such a way that it dispelled the misrepresented facts the opposition was using against us. In the end, due to his methodical, effective approach, he was able to negotiate a resolution that was in my best interest. I am very happy that I was able to find and hire him to handle my case. I would highly recommend him.


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