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Brendan D. Hennessy, Esquire is an experienced employment and civil litigation attorney admitted to practice in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Hennessy Law Firm serves both employers’ and employees’ needs through representation at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”), the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (“PHRC”), and in Federal and State Courts.  The Firm has represented clients in a variety of employment-related matters including unemployment compensation, discrimination, and retaliation, wrongful discharge, whistleblower actions, contract actions, severance negotiation, non-compete, as well as civil litigation.  



If an employee has been discharged after doing the right thing, it can be a wrongful.  An employee is entitled to seek worker’s compensation benefits in relation to any injury.  An employee is entitled to object to criminal or similar wrongful activity.  If an employer discharges an employee in retaliation for such activities, it is wrongful discharge and can constitute a significant claim.



Employees are protected from discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, national origin, religion, race, disability and age.  Employers cannot discriminate on these bases.  If you feel discriminated based on any of these categories, you should seek counsel.  If an employer witnesses such discrimination or has a claim against them, the employer should likewise seek counsel.  Unfortunately, many employers tend to be reactive when complaints of discrimination or harassment are raised, causing the victim to suffer.  If you have suffered as a result of discrimination, contact Hennessy Law.



Harassment on the basis of sex, age, race, national origin, religion or disability is against the law.  Harassment can be established by severe instances of inappropriate conduct by a manager or co-worker or repetitive pervasive conduct.  Employers have a duty to take steps to prevent harassment and cause it to cease if becomes a workplace issue.  If you are an employee who feels harassed on one of the above characteristics, you should seek counsel immediately.



Hennessy Law handles all forms of employment litigation, including discrimination and retaliation cases, failure to accommodate disabilities, FMLA matters, and non-compete matters.  Brendan Hennessy, Esquire is in the unique position of having advised thousands of employees as well as many employers in relation to potential litigation and has been involved as an advocate in hundreds of employment litigation matters.  If you seek experienced counsel for a Pennsylvania employment matter or local counsel for an employment matter in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, contact Hennessy Law.



In addition to other services, Hennessy Law performs reasonably priced consultations on employment contracts, severance contracts and non-compete agreements.  The firm has represented hundreds of employees in these situations and can help you navigate through the issues.  There are many important considerations before drafting or signing an employment contract.  Hennessy Law can provide this service for you as an individual or organization. 

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In Pennsylvania, a public employer (which includes any employer that receives public monies) cannot retaliate if an employee reports wrongful conduct to a supervisor or management.  The Pennsylvania Whistleblower Act provides significant rights to workers in this regard.  If you believe you are the victim of retaliation after reporting wrongful conduct, seek experienced counsel in Hennessy Law.


Title VII of the Civil Right Act of 1964 and other laws prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender.  Employers are obligated to treat both genders equally.  When an employer makes employment decisions such as hiring, firing or salary decisions on the basis of gender, it is unlawful.  In addition, the law prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace.  While the law does not prohibit workplace relationships, it does prohibit unwelcome severe or pervasive conduct on the basis of sex.  The Firm has represented many employees in relation to these claims.  If you have a claim for mistreatment on the basis of gender or feel that you have been subject to sexual harassment, contact Hennessy Law.  



If an employee is over 40, an employer cannot take action against the employee because of the employee’s age.  Unfortunately, as employees age, they become susceptible to age bias in the workplace.  If you are over 40 and feel subject to age bias, contact Hennessy Law.



Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Congress requires that employers break down barriers to job performance and prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability.  Employers must do more than avoid overt discrimination – employers must make reasonable accommodations for a person’s disability.  A disability is defined as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits major life activities.  Major life activities could include standing, walking, lifting, concentration, organ function, sleep and more.  The Amendments Act of the Americans with Disabilities Act expanded the scope of protections and Employers must act proactively to limit barriers to performance.  An example of an accommodation may be allowing an employee to work from home due to an anxiety condition.  Hennessy Law has assisted many business clients with ADA compliance and assisted many individuals in enforcing their rights.  The ADA is one of the more complicated areas of employment law and if you want experienced counsel in this area, contact Hennessy Law. 



Both Brendan Hennessy, Esquire and Kay Hennessy Seven, Esquire are experienced mediators with many years of experience.  Brendan Hennessy, Esquire serves as a pro bono and contract mediator for the EEOC.  If you are looking for mediators or counsel to represent you at a mediation, contact Hennessy Law.  



The Unemployment Compensation system can be frustrating to navigate.  After the initial application of a Claimant, the Service Center issues a Determination of Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits.  Both the Employer and the Claimant may appeal the determination of eligibility for benefits.  Our experienced attorneys can aid in appealing decisions regarding eligibility and provide representation on your behalf at an Unemployment Compensation Appeal Hearing before an Unemployment Referee.  If you have already received a decision from an Unemployment Compensation Referee Office, our attorneys can aid you in appealing the decision to the Board of Unemployment Compensation. 


If you believe a former employee of your business should be ineligible for benefits or if you feel you have been wrongfully denied benefits as a claimant, contact Hennessy Law. 



From drafting a simple will to preparing a more complex estate plan, Hennessy Law attorneys have experience helping people with all aspects of estate planning and administration. We can advise as to your estate planning needs, prepare legal documents, such as your will, trust, special needs trust, durable power of attorney, or living will. Additionally, we can assist and advise you through administering an estate through the probate process, including probating the will, appointing the executor/trix, identifying and appraising assets, as well as paying taxes and creditors. We work to resolve simple estates through family agreement and more complex estates through final accounting/distribution.

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