Past Case Results for Employees and Executives

The firm's mission is to help Employees of all levels in an organization protect what matters most to them.   Employees do not need to have to face workplace harassment, discrimination, or retaliation in today's workplace.  The firm has helped thousands of similarly situated employees resolve their cases and remedy workplace discrimination, including these representative cases.*  

Workplace Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation

  • Six Figure Settlement for Employee who worked as a device sales representative and brought a claim after her supervisor sexually harassed over a period of months and then the company retaliated against her report of harassment. 
  • Six Figure Settlement for Employee who was retaliated against after reporting sexual harassment in the workplace. 
  •  Six Figure Settlement for Employee who complained about gender discrimination and unequal pay in the workplace. 
  • Six Figure Settlement for Employee who complained about racial discrimination and was terminated as a result of his claims.
  •  Six Figure Settlement following a School District's failure to accommodate a teacher's disability. ​​
  • Verdict for employee after Brendan Hennessy, Esquire handled bench trial as lead trial attorney involving an employer's unlawful termination of employee in violation of contractual and legal rights.  Case was ultimately settled in the six figures.  
  • Verdict for employees after Brendan Hennessy, Esquire handled a magisterial court trial where employer tried to recoup bonuses paid to employees. 
Non-Competes and Executive Representation
  • Successfully defended numerous cases brought by employers to enforce non-competes in situations where the non-compete was unenforceable as a matter of law or equity. 
  • Reviewed dozens of high level executive contracts and provided advice and representation relating to non-competes and severance provisions. 
Unemployment Compensation
  • Achieved dozens of unemployment compensation reversals after hearings due to the UC Service Center misapplying the law to the facts. 
Cases are described generally due to confidentiality provisions in settlements.  Past results are determined on a case by case basis and are not a predictor of future cases.
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